Forandringer etter Private Subconscious Process (tidligere PSH)

PSH_Brosjyre_frontNoen av de vanligste forandringene som skjer de første dagene eller ukene etter at du har tatt PSH, er at du blir mer oppmerksom på tanker og følelser, mer ærlig og aksepterende, føler mer selvrespekt og selvverd, mer i balanse, føler en indre ro, mer glede, føler at det er lettere å sette grenser, lettere å kommunisere, lettere å snakke fra hjertet.

Disse første forandringene virker sammen og blir basisen for de fremtidige større forandringene. Noen av de viktigste forandringene kan skje seinere, og noen ganger virker det som om disse forandringene skjer helt av seg selv, men de hadde ikke vært mulig hvis ikke de andre forandringene hadde ’brøytet vei’.  Noen forandringer er helt opplagte og tydelige, mens andre er mer subtile. Noen skjer uten at du merker det – de bare utvikler seg under bevissthetens overflate og blir tydelige først måneder seinere.

En vanlig kommentar er; ”Jeg føler det som om jeg nettopp har våknet opp.” … ”Jeg føler bare at jeg er mer meg selv.” … “En følelse av indre ro og letthet har vokst frem i meg. Ting skjer rundt meg, men jeg identifiserer meg med roen i stedet for følelsene og tankene rundt det som skjer.”

Hvilke forandringer kan skje etter PSP?
(kun på engelsk)

Changes after PSP

If you have gone through the PSP process it might be good to read about the changes that may occur in order to understand what is happening to you and what you can expect to happen.  It is quite common for the changes to at first occur like little individual droplets of water that gradually accumulate before coalescing into a puddle that is more noticeable to the observer.

Awareness improves. You might notice yourself speaking or behaving as you have always done but with more awareness.

Clarity improves. You might suddenly see a situation or a person in a fresh way. Maybe as if the cloudiness of thoughts and emotional undercurrents have cleared away.

Feelings are felt more strongly. This is extremely healthy. The feelings may be ones you have ‘put away’ like anger, irritability and vulnerability, and even extra-childishness, irrational behaviour. At the other end of the scale you may also feel more honest, loving, helpful, appreciative and understanding than usual. Both ends of the scale and everything in between opens up and from beneath these are the emerging qualities of aliveness, vitality and creativity.

The more intense feelings usually only last for short periods of time (3 to 7 days), as the feelings “leak out”. Whatever you end up feeling afterward, it is the beginning of finally allowing the existence of whatever it is you have been hiding and /or avoiding. Just the mere allowance or inclusion of a feeling that had been previously separated or resisted can cause the greatest change.

Occasionally a client might experience a bout of depression. Depression is a term used to describe the holding back of aliveness and vitality under the associated feelings of fear, doubt, hopelessness, worthlessness, powerlessness and particularly meaninglessness. After PSH it becomes easier to go through these feelings  instead of hiding them and you can come back to your true self. And you become a master of your feelings not a servant. Not through willpower and control, but through awareness, unobstructed inner freedom and choice.

Initiating inner changes through a technique like PSP fundamentally allows you to re-access your natural easiness, relaxation, responsiveness and receptivity. When these qualities are operating within you, further qualities and opportunities open to you.

When these qualities are operating within you, further qualities and opportunities open to you. When you become more at ease, or unified in your personality it really means that you have less conflicting beliefs. When the conflicts are relaxed, or gone altogether then you become more internally harmonious.

Your thoughts, beliefs, ideas and feelings become gathered to flow and create for common goals instead of working against each other for opposing goals.Unconscious forces take your beliefs and manifest them into reality, so unified goals and direction becomes a more powerful force for creating your life according to the most important desires and beliefs that you have decided to keep or adopt.


which allow you to:

  • more direct, truthful, honest
  • give and receive feedback in a better way
  • speak more from the ‘heart’
  • become more detached and calm in situations
  • may choose to see things from different perspectives
  • be more present in the moment
  • accepting
  • become more aware of thoughts
  • become more aware of feeling and emotions
  • be more at at ease inside, feel inner peace
  • be more playful and full of joy
  • take responsibility for yourself and your life
  • be more appreciative
  • genuinely loving
  • forgiving
  • compassionate
  • communicate better

All of the above towards self and others

  • become quicker to get over anger and other emotions
  • share more
  • feel more self-worth and become more confident
  • feel more self-respect, self-esteem
  • make to make quicker and better decisions
  • find closure on things dragging on
  • feel a richer appreciation in senses (music, visual beauty, feeling beauty)
  • become more expressive
  • be able to say ‘no’ and ‘yes’ appropriately for yourself
  • feeling more ‘connected’ to others
  • in present

you will naturally feel LESS:

  • involved in other peoples expectations, views
  • reactive
  • judgmental
  • critical
  • formal
  • defensive
  • stressed
  • involved in future or past thoughts/concerns
  • worried
  • driven/obsessed
  • depressed
  • fearful
  • anxious
  • conflicted
  • manipulative

The on-going process
After PSH the contents of the subconscious are now free to move and change and do further release. The subconscious is operating constantly and continually. It can take in new and more information than previously allowed. This new information stimulates further change. People and events around you can now be the catalyst or trigger to initiating further changes. One change will be the stepping stone for another.

The process may go entirely or partly unnoticed. A few changes may be obvious but not related to anything else, and also may seem so natural that you can’t believe you weren’t being this way before. It is hard to believe you weren’t saying these things before. It’s hard to believe that you weren’t being this ‘open’ , this playful, this dynamic, this understanding, this aware, this good to yourself before. And so the process goes on and it feels natural and gradually large changes have been effected but at such a natural rate that you couldn’t tell exactly when it came into being.

Sometimes the process is a bit up and down, sometimes feeling great progress and then feeling like your old self. Remember the old selves are still within but they are no longer the only ones with a say. They may pop up from time to time but they will no longer have the hold on you they did. Not for long.

What kind of really big changes will I make and how long will it take before it happens?
Many small changes can happen initially as mentioned above but often the huge changes come many months later, when the subconscious has done enough changes to bring about the state of mind where perhaps 10 months, 18 months or 2 years later the client’s attitude, thinking and action all come into alignment and the following examples of big change occur. The underlying initial work is absolutely necessary and has to be completed first, before ACTION finally eventuates. Without totality, or conviction to create the possibility of action, thoughts and ideas are just unactivated ingredients for sometime in the future.

These are some of the ACTIONS people begin to take even many months later.

  • calmly but purposefully stick to a health diet that funnily enough they were never able to stick to before
  • find or ‘discover’, or suddenly have interest in, (seemingly out of the blue) a
  • way to improve their health e.g. vitamins, health food, yoga
  • begin exercising regularly and yet are not making a big fuss about it.
  • they take a different career direction
  • they let a relationship dissolve because it becomes obvious that it will never work
  • they find new energy and communication in an existing relationship
    become interested in new subjects
  • buy something they never allowed themselves to have before
  • sell something they realise they don’t need or want anymore
  • become less attached to people, places, and things
  • become more able to feel and express genuine love: allowing more freedom for others, more trust in others, more respect for others, more receptive to others, more understanding of others, letting other adults and children take more responsibility for their own lives and feelings

Sometimes an old feeling pattern that I thought I had dealt with returns and I feel like I have relapsed back to my old ways. What is happening?

When feelings are set free from their protective coverings, or uncovered after years of being held down and back they sometimes show up full-blown, at some point after therapy has been completed. The related feelings have finally risen, or surfaced to the point that you can feel what is really inside you. Some event or person in your life triggers what now is an available emotion from the past. It expresses itself the way it always would have done if it had been allowed to do so previously.

You may feel:

  • more angry than normal
  • more vulnerable/hurt
  • more lonely
  • more hopeless
  • more helpless
  • more powerless

These are just a few examples. The point is that these feelings are the ones you have been avoiding all your life. It is at their most extreme intensity that the door of the opposite lies. Everything you’ve always wanted lies directly adjacent to these avoided feelings. Through the tunnel of your worst fear lies the greatest reward. There is simply no way out of this. Through is the only way. This may not happen at the most opportune moment for you.

The triggering and natural expression is your emotion being allowed to be felt properly. When this happens it becomes free to be what it is. Sometimes one big last finale occurs, (you might innocently orchestrate a situation in which you get a good chance to access and finally express the feeling). Other times the feeling is expressed mildly and slowly as it leaks out over time due to ongoing triggers (people and situations) in your life. Each incident will provoke you less and less and the feelings will be of progressively lesser intensity. The main point is that you only heal or change when you finally accept and forgive your feelings for existing and being what they are…. without comment!

Previously you have not been experiencing them at all, or they are only a muffled sensation from under the blankets, of other protective, defensive power feelings. Perhaps you’ve denied, or ignored you had any feelings (another form of protection), or perhaps you have felt them very intensely but not to the point where they ever resolved because you never get to the heart, the base, or core of the reason the reactive-emotion still recurs. When you do get to the base the result in your life speaks for itself.

Enjoy the changes!